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Configuring the Telco Cloud Automation Manager Appliance Role Based access (SSO User)

In this section we will discuss about how to create a SSO user on VC and Configure the SSO user on TCA Manager.

Note: TCA Manager can be logged in by Default User Admin, this User won’t have full permission. In order get full permission we need to configure SSO user.

Procedure to Create a Group on vCenter :

1. Login to VC -> Menu -> Administrator -> Users & Group -> Users -> Select vSphere. Local -> Click Add

2. This will Create a user under vSphere. Local

3. Click on Groups -> Create a Group by clicking Add -> Under Add Member -> search for the user we created i.e. vmwareuser and Click Add

4. You can view the user after creating it

5. Login to TCA Manager IP address in the GUI withAdministrator@vsphere.local

5. Under Authorization -> Permission -> Create Permission

6. Under Create Permission -> you will see multiple roles select desired one -> Click Validate -> this will add the user which u create in the VC and Click Save.

7. Review the user role:

8. Logout and login with SSO user which you create in my case it is vmwareuser@vsphere.local & VMware1!

9. Once you are in with SSO user or adminsitrator@vsphere.local you can create CAAS Infra and other functions. that's it once you are logged in with SSO user you can create CAAS infra or Onboard NF or NS .

At this point everything looks good . We have successfully created SSO user on TCA and we now have an Telco Cloud Automation Infrastructure. For Complete blog here is the link for Part 1 of 4 , Part 2 of 4, Part 3 of 4 and Part 4 of 4 .

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