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Step-by-step VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager Deployment Part 2

Updated: Apr 21, 2022

In the previous part of the Telco Cloud Automation Deployment 1.9.1, we deployed the TCA Manager in Nested ESXI Cluster Created on vAPP. This part will cover Activating your Appliance i.e. TCA Manager.

Before go ahead and start the Activating steps , we need to keep in mind that After the TCA Manager is Deployed and Powered on it we can login with Admin user , which we configured during the Deployment . This Admin User doesn't have full permission by default in the TCA Manager GUI it will Allow us to access Infrastructure Automation . Below is the Example in the Screen shot

In order to get full Access to the TCA Manager UI we will have to Configure/Create a SSO User. In this post we will see how to Activate TCA Manager , we will how to create a SSO user and what types of roles and permission TCA Manager provides in our up coming post. Lets dive in to Activate the TCA Manager Appliance.

Activating your Appliance

After you have deployed the VMware Telco Cloud Automation OVA file, activate the appliances and perform the initial configuration immediately when you next open the appliance management interface in my case the Appliance IP Address is https://

Activate VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager

VMware Telco Cloud Automation Manager is the user interface used to orchestrate your NFVs and automate their deployments and configurations Prerequisites Deploy the VMware Telco Cloud Automation OVA. After deploying, allow up to five minutes for the services to initialize Procedure 1. Browse to the appliance management interface and log in using the admin user credentials

Browse to https://

After you log in, the installation welcome screen appears

2. Select Telco Cloud Automation - Manager and click Continue.

3. In the Activate your Telco Cloud Automation instance screen · If you want to activate the instance of the VMware Telco Cloud Automation, enter the license key and click Activate, We have Temp License Key so we will click Activate.

· If you want to activate the VMware Telco Cloud Automation instance at a later stage, click Activate later. When you click Activate Later, the system navigates to the Configuration tab for configuring the datacenter location . I have a Temp License so ill proceed with the Activate now .

4. Configuration the datacenter location and click continue

5. System Name will be the given FQDN , it will take automatically ,verify the FQDN and Click Continue

6. Connect to your vCenter, Enter the VC IP or FQDN with Administrator@vsphere.local user and password : VMware1! And click continue .

Once you Click Continue in Step 6 it will prompt you to import the Certificate , Click Import the Certificate

7. Enter the SSO/PSC , since we are having 7.x its embedded PSC we will enter the VC IP : and click continue

8. Congratulation the Activation process now is Completed for TCA Manager Click Restart and wait for 5 mins

What to do next With this the 1st Half deployment of Telco Cloud Automation is completed, In Our Next Post We will continue to Deploy the Telco Cloud Automation Control Plane (TCA-CP ) Part 3.

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