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vRealize Easy Installer Deployment Failed with Error has occurred vRSLCM services bootstrap failed.

In this blog we are going to talk about my experience during my VRA 8.8 Deployment initially i had faced issue to install the vRSLCM from Easy installer it failed with wired Error i.e. error has occurred vRSLCM services bootstrap failed. Verify vRSLCM appliance is reachable on given IP and provided network settings are correct. however the vRSLCM VM got deployed successfully but the UI is not working .

Once i started the installation of vRealize Easy Installer it was sutck on the Initializing for a very long time and then it failed.

when checking the logs of installer-20220623-1251056408.log found that the vRSLCM VM deployment got completed successfully .

2022-06-22T11:44:46.878Z - debug: Summary page: summaryTargetLabel: Target vCenter Server

2022-06-22T11:44:57.910Z - debug: sucMsg: You have successfully deployed the vRealize Suite Lifecycle Manager with an Embedded Platform Services Controller.

2022-06-22T11:45:55.383Z - info: Progress Controller: Deployment completed.

check the VM got deployed on the VC , but when i open the VM console i found the reason why it was not allowing me to open the UI and why it failed to installing vRSLCM . I can see the error msg on the VM Console i.e. " Failed to start VMware Postgres database server.

However i was able to ping the vRSLCM VM and able to take ssh session to it. when run the command

To check postgress serivce status :


"service vpostgress status " it was in failed status.

Its where why would the postgress service wont start for a fresh installation . So like any other thought i delete this VM and tried the installation again but no luck it failed with same status.

No matter i download new iso of vRealize easy installer , use different storage etc but it still fails with same error.

ssh the vRSLCM VM and go the logs /var/log/bootstrap/firstboot/firstboot.log , found the same error as per above screen shot . Now we know that the postgress serivce was not started due to which we are having the problem to fix this i followed the below workaround.

Workaround :

  1. Snapshot of the VRSLCM VM .

  2. ssh to the vRSLCM VM.

  3. rm -rf /storage/db/pgdata/

  4. /etc/bootstrap/firstboot.d/

  5. /etc/bootstrap/firstboot.d/20-start-services

  6. reboot the vRSLCM VM ,after which i was able open the GUI .

After this checked the postgres service status it was running fine.

Tried to login with admin@local but it failed login says incorrect password. Not sure if the above scripts will change the password. i had to reset the password of admin@local by running the below command.


Well that's it the full experience of vRealize easy installer deployment failure . Happy learning !!!!

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lakshmana raj
lakshmana raj
26 de jun. de 2022

It resolved my issue , Thank

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