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VIDM (3.3.6) Installation Stuck on Boot Completion For Very Long Time

In this blog I'll share my experience for VIDM deployment 3.3.6 failure . All the pre-requisites where met and verified before the deployment but still it was having issue during the deployment.

We where installing the single node VIDM it was stuck on Stage 2 for a very long period without failing. After few hours it failed with below error.

The error was unable to access the deployed vIDM , Please check wether all the provided network details are correct and retry .

After checking in the logs that the ip(VIDM) trying to reach not reachable . When we did the nslookup for the given VIDM IP address it came with the wrong DNS information. This looks very silly mistake but we did check all the DNS before starting the installation both reverse and forward but something has changed in the background during our deployment.

Fix :

  • The DNS team change the record of the wrong ip to correct ip information.

  • Retry the deployment and it passed the Stage 2 and deployment got completed.

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