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WHAT IS SOVEREIGN CLOUD ? WHAT Products VMware Provide ?

Now a days there is more talk about SOVEREIGN CLOUD , it is emerging as a necessary component of cloud computing for many entities such as highly sensitive data from National ,state government data ,Finance and health care . Lets us find out what is Sovereign cloud , its benefits and its products provided by VMware.

What is Sovereign Cloud :

Sovereign Clouds are cloud architectures that operate in a particular country or region and meet a governing body's legal and ethical data privacy standards.

A Sovereign cloud ensures that all data, including metadata, stays on sovereign soil, preventing other nations from accessing data under any circumstances.

VMware Sovereign Cloud makes sures that you stay in control of your data with a secure and complaint regional cloud.

Benefits of VMware Sovereign cloud :

  • Ensure Data Privacy and Sovereignty

  • Boost Security and Compliance

  • Future proof your infrastructure

  • Unlock the Value of your data.

VMware Sovereign Cloud Framework Principles :

VMware Cloud Providers abiding by the VMware Sovereign Cloud framework deliver added value by helping there customer to increase security , maintain compliance , improve control ,unlock data , future proof and fuel economic innovation.

  • Data Sovereignty and Jurisdictional Control

  • Data Access and Integrity

  • Data Security and Compliance

  • Data Independence and Mobility

VMware Sovereign Cloud Products :

  • VMware Cloud Foundation

  • VMware Cloud Verified Partner Solutions

  • VMware NSX

  • VMware Aria Automation

  • VMware Greenplum

  • VMware Data Solutions.

In the end, sovereign cloud should be a part of a multi-cloud strategy. It just demands understanding that not all data is the same and that there are differences between clouds.

To know more about VMware Sovereign Cloud Click here

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