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VMware Cloud Foundation Applying Individual Product updates using Aysnc Patch Tool (AP tool)

Well This blog we will talk about the new long waiting tool which has come out to patch an Individual product on a VCF Environment ,yes you head me right . Many Customer wanted to patch there Critical Security patch or a bug fix or NSX-T patch to there existing VCF Environment with out upgrade the full SDDC stack . We had to wait until the VCF latest releases the BOM (Bill of Material ) to patch the specific Hot patch . Well the Wait is now over we have the API tool . Lets dive in and know more about What API Tool (Aysnc Patch Tool ).

Note : This API Async Patch Tool can be applied to both VCF and VCF on VxRail but however , in VCF on VxRail its only support async patches for NSX-T Manager and vCenter Server.

The Async Patch Tool is a utility that allows you to apply critical patches to certain VMware Cloud Foundation components (NSX-T Manager, vCenter Server, and ESXi) outside of VMware Cloud Foundation releases(BOM). The Async Patch Tool also allows you to enable upgrade of an async patched system to a new version of VMware Cloud Foundation.

The Async Patch Tool is support with VMware Cloud Foundation 4.2.1 and later.

Note: Patched components will have different versions than those listed in the Bill of Materials (BOM).

The process for downloading and uploading patches varies depending on whether or not the SDDC Manager appliance has access to the internet. So we have two mode here .

  1. Apply an Async Patch to VMware Cloud Foundation in Online Mode.

  2. Apply an Async Patch to VMware Cloud Foundation in Offline Mode.

How to download the Async Patch Tool to your local computer :


  1. Download the Async Patch Tool to a computer that has access to the SDDC Manager appliance.

    1. Log in to VMware Customer Connect and browse to the Download VMware Cloud Foundation page.

b. In the Select Version field, select your current version of VMware Cloud Foundation.

c. Click Drivers & Tools.

d. Expand VMware Cloud Foundation Tools and click Go To Downloads in the Async Patch Tool row.

e. Click Download Now.

There is VMware KB listed below . which lists individual products updates that can be applied to VCF environments.

Refer to KB 88287 to ensure that the async patch is supported with your version of VMware Cloud Foundation. Contact VMware Support if you have questions about the available async patches and which versions of VMware Cloud Foundation support them.

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