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VCF 4.5 vCenter Password Showing Disconnected In SDDC GUI

Today's post we will talk about password rotation failure and disconnected status showing on the sddc gui while trying to rotate the password. To give overview this is greenfield deployment and after the deployment the customer wanted to change the vCenter password but it was unable to change it as the option was greyed out like below image.

The reason why it was not greyed out was there is already a failed task which u can see in the above image highlighted with color Purple Arrow symbol. After You cancel the option it should show us the option to rotate like below. Always remember if there is a failed task running it wont allow to change the password.

Figure 2

The new think which i have noticed on the SDDC GUI is the Disconnected message with the product which is having disconnected status. In the above screen shot we can see that my vCenter and NSXT Manager password are disconnected .

Components goes into Disconnected status when your password is expired or that particular component is not reachable to SDDC , then the SDDC reports the Status as Disconnected like you see it the Figure 2 . If you read the message showing in my displayed Figure 2 , it tell if the password is expired , then we need to upgrade the password manually by the traditional method ssh to the particular component in my case vCenter run pswd change the password .

Do this manual step 5 times , i.e. change the password 5 time , as we are going to keep the same original password as per SDDC DB. once you have successfully changed the password. Go back to SDDC GUI -> Security -> Password Management -> Select the component i.e. vCenter( in my case ) , click on the three dots , you see an opiton called REMEDIATE . Like shown in the below Figure 3.

Once you click Remediate it will prompt you update enter the new password and confirm the password.

Give the right password which is the newly changed password and click Remediate . After few mins the Status should change to ACTIVE . If its not restart domainmanager service. You can see now the Disconnected number got reduced from 4 to 3 and vCenter is not showing as disconnected .

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