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VCF 4.3.x SDDC Manager Utilization not loading

In this Post we will talk about VCF SDDC Manager Utilization Dashboard for the workload was not Available. At first I thought it was because of a lock which was held by the password failure , even after I was able to clear the lock the SDDC the utilization was not loading ,We tried rebooting the SDDC Manager but no luck SDDC Manager get the Utilization of CPU ,Memory , Storage usage from vCenter , Lets look into issue and how we fixed it.

Below is the GUI error when you load the SDDC Manager

Just of for the information we login to SDDC Manager as Administrator@vsphere.local , did reboot of the sddc manager the management utilization was not available .

Then we checked the vCenter status which shows unavailable. We tried to reboot the vCenter but it didnt work . We use the API call to query the cluster it say no connection issues . The connection to SDDC and vCenter is fine but for some reason it was not able to get the information of CPU , Memory and Storage .

We looked at the SDDC DB found the Management status as ERROR instead of ACTIVE , No idea how the vCenter status went into ERROR status. But this was the problem here due to which the Utilization was not loading.

Cause: Here the problem is the vCenter was not available due to which the sddc manager was not able to get information.

Workaround :

  1. Take the snapshot of SDDC Manager.

  2. Updated the Query for vCenter table of SDDC DB from ERROR to ACTIVE .

  3. Which fixed the issue.

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