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How to Create a Policy Based VPN on VMConAWS

Step 1 : Navigate to your on-primes vSphere client Menu -> host and cluster -> SA-Compute-01 is my on primes cluster where i have VM i.e. db-1a , app-1a,web-1a ,web-2a,web-vip

Step 2 : Login to VMC on AWS console

Step 3 : Select SDDC Cluster demo1 and navigate to the Networking and Security -> VPN-> Policy Based and Click Add VPN

Name : Enter the name of the onprem VPN : onpem-VPN

Local IP Address : Select Public IP1(

Remote Public IP : Enter on premises IP ,

Remote Networks : Enter and network is the on-premises management network

Local Network : sddc-cgw-network-1 and infrastructure subnet

Preshared key : VMware1!

Remote Private IP :

IKE Type : IKE V1

This address is the uplink address of the on-premises vyOS router that is used in this lab environment.

Click Save

VPN Status appears as down , which is expected You can continue to configure the on-premises VPN.

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