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Deploy VMware HCX in VMware Cloud SDDC (VMC )

In This Blog we will walk through the steps to deploy VMware HCX in VMC on AWS . There is little GUI changes in the latest SDDC the Add On Names is now replaced with Integrated Services . and the Networking & Security Page now has an option to switch to legacy view , which going to be deprecated .

Fig : Sample screen shot

Lets dive in to the deployment steps its very straight forward .

STEP 1 : Login to and select your Organization .

STEP 2 : Under you SDDC Console -> Integrated Services (this was earlier called as Add on's) -> Click on OPEN HCX

A new browser tab opens to

STEP 3 : Under Your SDDC Name Click on Deploy HCX , it will ask for Confirmation Click Confirm

This will deployment take approximately 30 min.

Under SDDC you will see the deployment as completed .

STEP 4 : Click on Activation key -> Create Activation Key and click Confirm , it will promote you the Key make a note of it.

STEP 5 : Login to your SDDC -> vCenter -> You will see the HCX VM Deployed there , hcx_cloud_manager.

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