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How to collect the Logs of Telco Cloud Automation Manager and Telco Cloud Automation - Control plane

When u are working on the TCA and got any issue for DU Instantiation or Node Pool Instantiation or NF onboarding or NS onboarding etc. You will need to know where to go and collect the logs and generate them . The recommended method to obtain TCA logs is from the TCA UI. In this post we shall see how to collect the TCA Manager logs , TCA-Control Plane Logs , TKG Cluster logs .

  1. Login to you TCA Manager GUI with your SSO user or Admin user.

  2. Go to Administrator -> Troubleshooting

From the TCA Manager , u can only Collect the Telco Cloud Automation logs and Data . It will not you TCA-CP or TKG logs . Just Click on Request , it will start generating the logs once it completed u will see a option to download on the GUI like below.

Click on Download it will download the bundle on your local machine.

You can also collect the logs from the TCA Manager Appliance page i.e. from the https://fqdn:9443. From the Appliance login page u will be able to collect the TCA Manager mongo DB dump , like shown below .

Collecting Logs from Telco Cloud Automation Control Plane :

  1. Login to the TCA-CP GUI (https://fqdn) as Administrator@vsphere.locl or SSO user.

  2. Click on Administration -> Troubleshooting -> Here u can download the TCA logs ,TKG logs

If you want to generate the TKG logs select the box collect Kubernetes cluster logs , it will list you what all cluster u have example Management cluster , workload cluster . Maximum of 5 clusters u can select to generate the logs . From this view u will not be able to generate the Mongo Dump , to collect Mongo Dump u will have to login to TCA-CP:9443 (appliance mode )

Select the desired cluster and click request -> logs generation will start collecting once its completed u will see the download button .

However in any cases for any reason if you are unable to generate the logs from the GUI there is a cli option to generate them you can follow the KB 84309

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