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What is vSAN File Service and where to download vSAN File Service OVA

vSAN native File service delivers the ability to leverage vSAN clusters to create and present NFS v4.1 and v3 file shares. Let us see what is vSAN File Service and where to download vSAN File Service OVA.

vSAN File Service:

File Services is a common requirement in today's enterprise environments. The need for file-level access can come from a variety of use cases from traditional systems needing to store user directories to cloud native applications ,read-write-many (RWM)volumes. These file-level services meant using physical storage arrays or VMs capable of serving file-level protocols such as NFS and SMB.

vSAN File Services is a layer that sits on top of vSAN to provide file shares. It currently supports SMB,NFSv3,and NFSv4.1 file shares. vSAN File Services comprises of vSAN Distributed File System(vDFS) which provides the underlying scalable filesystem by aggregating vSAN objects, a Storage Services Platform which provides resilient file server end points and a control plane for deployment, management and monitoring. File shares are integrated into existing vSAN Storage Policy Based Management and on a per-share basis. vSAN file service brings in capability to host the file shares directly on the vSAN cluster.

vSAN File Services is powered and managed by the vSphere platform that deploys a set of containers on each of the hosts. These containers act as the primary delivery vehicle to provision file services and are tightly integrated with the hypervisor.vSAN file service allows a vSphere admin to provision a file share from their vSAN cluster. The file share can be accessed using NFS or SMB.

Minimum Node : A minimum of 3 hosts is required to configure file services . it will run with as many as 2 remaining host.

Stretched clusters and 2-node clusters are supported as of vSAN 7.0 U2 and later.

Download of vSAN File Service OVA :

  1. Go to

  2. Select the Product as VMware vSAN -> Driver & Tools

3. Under Driver & Tools -> Expand VMware vSAN Tools , Plug-ins and Appliances -> You will see the VMware vSAN Files Services Appliance -> Click Download

4 . Once the VMware vSAN File Service OVA is download to your local machine upload to the vCenter ,Download all files i..e vmdk , cert ,mf,ovf .

5. Login to you vCenter -> Cluster -> Configure-> vSAN->Services->File Service -> Click Enable

6. When you Click Enable it prompt the vSAN Files Service Introduction page click Next -> By default the vSAN File Agent will look for vSAN File Service OVA URL if your vCenter has internet connectivity ,if its dont have the connectivity it will fail and prompt u to use manual upload the OVF. Select all the 6 downloaded files downloaded and continue the configuration of vSAN File Service.

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