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What is vSAN Express Storage(ESA) or (VSAN8)

Updated: Sep 9, 2022

VMware is always about exploring ,innovating , improvising products better performance for customers. The Next generation storage architecture for the workloads of todays and tomorrow. Today we talk about the Next generation vsan storage which is called ESA(vSAN Express Storage ) or vSAN8 . VMware Explore 2022 just announce the VSAN 8 .

Express Storage (ESA) or vSAN8 is the next generation storage architecture. This new architecture is Optional to the alternative architecture to the vSAN original storage architecture. Meaning customer who have Advance license or enterprise license can opt for fresh installation of vSAN8 .

VMware could simply stick with the original storage architecture of vSAN. The architecture used by vSAN has been refined over the years to deliver a fast and flexible storage offering that supports a wide variety of hardware and conditions. But just because an architecture is fast and efficient, doesn’t mean that it is as fast and efficient as it could be.), the vSAN 8 ESA will typically use fewer resources, with lower I/O amplification to process the same amount of data than when using the original storage architecture of vSAN. VMware VSAN (OSA) will still continue .

The vSAN ESA is not a “replacement” architecture, but an alternative architecture optimized for high performing, modern hardware's vSAN remains as a single product, but now includes the architectural capability to accommodate for these next generation hardware devices.

What is new in vSAN 8 :

  • Flexible architecture using single tier in vsan 8.

  • Optimized for high performance NVMe based flash devices.

  • No disk groups, All devices contribute to performance and capacity.

  • Logical bigger capacity limit increased from 600GB to 1.6Tb per disk group.

  • Improves performance consistency for environment with larger working sets.

  • Snapshots with minimal performance impact.

So when you create vSAN ESA Cluster we no longer create the disk groups . With vSAN ESA, all devices contribute to capacity and all devices contribute to performance. That's where it gets interesting and more storage , 4x performance with vSAN ESA(VSAN8 ) .

You can also read the official doc for vSAN8 .

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