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(VCF) Removing VIDM from VRSLCM using Private API

Updated: Jul 20, 2022

In this blog we will take about how can we remove the environment from VRSLCM using the vRSLCM API. Overview customer had VIDM Cluster environment and standalone VIDM but after the upgrade of vRSLCM 8.x to 8.1 vRSLCM will be redeployed newly and it wont carry the existing environments , wrong vidm was imported so we had to remove the VIDM environment(3.3.2) from the vRealize suite and import it back with right VIDM as we didn't had the delete option of environment in VRSLCM 8.0.

The below screen shot give the clear picture it not a cluster but a standalone VIDM

  • Take the snapshot of the vRSLCM VM and the SDDC Manager.

  • Now we run the API on the browser open the below url ,edit it with your vRSLCM fqdn.

  • As per the above screen shot on the select a spec drop down select Private-internal-api and search for environments control

  • under Environment control select DELETE /lcm/lcops/api/v2/environments/globalenvironment/unsafe

  • click try out

  • Then change the deleteFromVcenter to false , we dont want to delete the VM from the vCenter as we want to re-import the correct VIDM ,thats we need to make the changes to false.


"deleteFromInventory": true,

"deleteFromVcenter": false,

"deleteWindowsVMs": false


  • Now click execute , this will only remove the environments from the VRSLCM . The response should be 200 ,which means the environment is deleted.

  • once we go back to the VRSLCM environments dash board you will no longer see the globalenvironments (VIDM) . like shown below where we can see vRLI and vROPS environenments but not the VIDM.

Note : Don't perform these steps in production environment with out the assistance of VMware Support.

Happy Learning until new experience and knowledge share .

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