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VCF on VxRail New Node Addition Failed to Discovery on SDDC

VCF 4.5 with VxRail 7.0.450 new node addition failed due to incorrect NIC firmware , we applied the support version of NIC ,then tried to readd the node still failed with a blank screen.

When checking the Domain Manager logs /var/log/vmware/vcf/domainmanager/domainmanager.log , found the Node is getting discovered by SDDC Manager with a blank screen error during the validation.

2023-07-14T06:51:13.166+0000 INFO [vcf_dm,0d77727fc6de437e,b8f2]

2023-07-14T06:51:13.166+0000 INFO [vcf_dm,0d77727fc6de437e,b8f2] [c.v.v.v.h.a.PrepareAddHostConfigFromVcenter,dm-exec-20] Getting vmnics to vds mapping for single vds...

2023-07-14T06:51:13.169+0000 WARN [vcf_dm,0d77727fc6de437e,b8f2] [c.v.v.v.c.h.i.HttpConfigurationCompilerBase$ConnectionMonitorThreadBase,dm-exec-20] Shutting down the connection monitor.

2023-07-14T06:51:13.169+0000 WARN [vcf_dm,0000000000000000,0000] [c.v.v.v.c.h.i.HttpConfigurationCompilerBase$ConnectionMonitorThreadBase,VLSI-client-connection-monitor-126] Interrupted, no more connection pool cleanups will be performed.

2023-07-14T06:51:13.170+0000 ERROR [vcf_dm,0d77727fc6de437e,b8f2] [c.v.e.s.o.model.error.ErrorFactory,dm-exec-20] [NPU1M5] VCF_ERRORS_GENERIC_INPUT_PARAM_ERROR Invalid parameter: portgroup cannot be blank

com.vmware.evo.sddc.common.core.error.InvalidInputException: Invalid parameter: portgroup cannot be blank

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.common.util.PluginUtils.checkBlankParam(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.common.client.vmware.vsphere.VcManagerBase.getUplinkToVmNicsMapping(

at com.vmware.vxrail.vcf.hostmanager.action.PrepareAddHostConfigFromVcenter.getVmnicsToVdsMappingForSingleVds(

at com.vmware.vxrail.vcf.hostmanager.action.PrepareAddHostConfigFromVcenter.buildHostSystemSpec(

at com.vmware.vxrail.vcf.hostmanager.action.PrepareAddHostConfigFromVcenter.execute(

at com.vmware.vxrail.vcf.hostmanager.action.PrepareAddHostConfigFromVcenter.execute(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.orchestrator.platform.action.FsmActionState.invoke(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.orchestrator.platform.action.FsmActionPlugin.invoke(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.orchestrator.platform.action.FsmActionPlugin.invoke(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.orchestrator.core.ProcessingTaskSubscriber.invokeMethod(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.orchestrator.core.ProcessingTaskSubscriber.processTask(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.orchestrator.core.ProcessingTaskSubscriber.accept(

at jdk.internal.reflect.GeneratedMethodAccessor1761.invoke(Unknown Source)

at java.base/jdk.internal.reflect.DelegatingMethodAccessorImpl.invoke(

at java.base/java.lang.reflect.Method.invoke(

Cause : The VCF on VxRail Management Network portgroup name was change form the VC. Due to which the Node was failing on the validation as it cannot fetch the portgroup name. In VCF on VxRail side the Management network portgroup name should always start with the prefix 'Management Network'.

Example : Your management portgroup name should be like 'Management Network-vds-mgmt-portgroup'. it should always prefix with 'Management Network'

Resolution :

  1. Take the snapshot of SDDC Manager VM.

  2. Updated the SDDC DB with the Correct portgroup name Management Network.

  3. Restart the Services

  4. Node Got validated and added successfully.

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