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VCF Edge VM Present in NSX Inventory Not Present in vCenter

Today i would share yet another experience on the VCF side where the issue was VM got renamed on VC , due to which the NSX was reporting error. Post deployment renaming components on VCF is not supported which could lead into unexpected issues. Lets me show you how we fixed the issue.

When we the customer environment we found the Edge VM name was renamed .

The VM edge-vm with moref id vm-xxxx corresponding to the Edge Transport node "node id-xxxxxxxxx" vSphere placement parameters is found in NSX inventory but is not present in vCenter.

Note : Please check if the VM has been removed in vCenter or is present with a different VM moref id

when you login to the NSX inventory you can see the below error msg saying Edge VM


  1. Download the postman

  2. select post enter the below api call which basically modifies the Morefid in NSX and vCenter match

  3. API call: POST https://<manager-ip>/api/v1/transport-nodes/<tn-id>?action=refresh_node_configuration&resource_type=EdgeNode&read_only=true

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