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VCF 5.0 VI WorkLoad Domain Cluster Limitation and Types of WorkLoad Domain

Workload domains represent a pool of vSphere hosts that combine compute, storage, and networking (NSX) resources' workload domain is managed by separate vCenter and NSX Manager appliances that are deployed to the management domain. Workload domains are isolated from each other providing more granular security and management options like RBAC.

The management domain and deployed VI workload domains are logical units that distribute the compute, network, and storage resources of the VMware Cloud Foundation system. The logical units are groups of ESXi hosts managed by vCenter Server instances with specific characteristics for redundancy and VMware SDDC best practices.

The Limitation of VI workload domain per SDDC Manager has been increase form 14 to 24 , Until VCF 4.5.2 u can have 14 VI Workload domain , with VCF 5.0 Per SDDC Manager we have have 24 .

That means maximum number of vCenter Servers per SDDC Manager instance across Management Workload Domain and VI Workload Domains is 25 .

The maximum number of NSX-T Management Clusters per SDDC Manager instance is 25 which includes 1 Management Domain and 24 Workload Domains.

Maximum number of parallel ESXi cluster upgrades allowed per VI workload domain in parallel is 10.

Management Workload Domain Consist of below components :

  • SDDC Manager

  • The management domain vCenter Server instance

  • All vCenter Server instances for workload domains

  • NSX Manager instances for the management domain and all workload domains

  • NSX Edge VMs for the management domain

  • vRealize Suite components (optional)

  • Tanzu Workloads

VI Workload Domain Consist of below components :

  • NSX Edge VMs for the workload domain

  • User workloads

  • Tanzu workloads

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