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Unleashing the Power of VMware vSAN MAX and Exploring Disaggregated Storage

In the dynamic landscape of virtualization and software-defined infrastructure, VMware vSAN has emerged as a transformative solution, providing organizations with the flexibility and scalability needed for modern workloads. This article delves into the what is vSAN Max , its use cases and explores the concept of disaggregated storage, shedding light on how these technologies are reshaping the data center landscape.

Understanding VSAN MAX :

vSAN Max is a new storage offering that provides Petabyte-scale disaggregated storage for vSphere clusters.  It is powered by the vSAN Express Storage Architecture, or ESA.  It provides our customers the ability to deploy a highly scalable storage cluster to be used as primary storage for vSphere clusters, or augment storage for traditional vSAN HCI clusters.

Understanding Disaggregated Storage in vSAN :

Disaggregated storage in vSAN uses a unique software-based approach to disaggregate, or decouple compute and storage resources.  HCI aggregates storage and compute resources into a single cluster, while disaggregation decouples storage and compute resourcesDisaggregation with vSAN Max is a topology where a dedicated cluster is providing storage resources only to one or more vSphere clusters' provides full independence of scaling between your compute resources and your storage resource, but still using all of the technology of vSAN ESA with consistent unified management across all configuration types.

The key capability of Full disaggregation of compute and storage resources using vSAN MAX ca provide dedicated storage clusters for vSphere Clusters or even vSAN HCL Clusters.

Advantages of Disaggregated Storage:

  1. Resource Optimization: Disaggregated storage enables organizations to allocate compute and storage resources independently, avoiding over-provisioning and optimizing resource utilization.

  2. Flexibility: As storage resources are decoupled from compute, it becomes easier to scale each component based on specific requirements. This flexibility is particularly valuable in environments with diverse workloads.

  3. Cost Efficiency: Disaggregated storage can lead to cost savings by allowing organizations to upgrade or expand storage and compute resources independently, adapting to changing business needs without unnecessary expenditures.

Common use cases for vSAN MAX :

  • Cost optimization for infrastructures and applications.  It is not unusual for customers to want to configure clusters to help minimize application costs.  vSAN Max will allow customers to right size their compute resources to minimize these licensing costs.  One can tailor the vSAN Max cluster to whatever the business needs in terms of performance, capacity, and data services provided.

  • Operational simplicity with unified storage.  One can use vSAN Max to extend the life of blade servers and other older hardware that was not ideal for HCI.   If you've wanted to take advantage of vSAN, but wanted to retain compute and storage resources independent from each other, vSAN Max is for you.  It can easily serve as the shared storage platform for your data center, and be scaled easily and incrementally as your needs grow.  It is a true, distributed scale-out storage solution that can be used as centralized shared storage by any of your vSphere clusters. assets.

  • Rapid Scaling for Cloud Native applications. Cloud native applications need to be able to scale, which means the underlying infrastructure that supports it also must scale easily, incrementally, and economically.  vSAN Max can be an ideal storage platform for cloud native applications.

Customers can deploy vSAN Max by purchasing VMware Cloud Foundation or the vSAN advanced add-on offer for VMware vSphere Foundation, which is licensed on a Per TiB metric, for the amount of storage capacity needed for their environments. Note, per licensing guidelines, customers must license vSAN for all raw storage that is claimed by vSAN.

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