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Deploying VCF 5.0 VI Work Load Domain Steps

Before We talk about the steps of how to deploy VCF 5.0 VI Workload Domain steps , in our previous Blog we talk about Workload Domain limitations and Types of Workload domain . We must prepare the host and commission them into SDDC Manager , once that is done we can dive into the steps of deploying VI Workload Domain.

  • Login to your SDDC Manager

  • In the SDDC Manager left pane, click Workload Domains.

  • In the right pane, click the +WORKLOAD DOMAIN button menu and select VI - Workload Domain.

  • In the Storage Selection window, click vSAN and click BEGIN.

  • Enter the Name of VI WLD and Organization name

  • Select the domain as Join Existing Domain as we have already created the Domain.

  • Click Next

  • In the Cluster Name text box, type xxxxxxxx and click NEXT

  • Enter the VC FQDN , IP Address , Gateway and Root password and Click NEXT

  • Networking Part were we fill the NSX Manager 1 , 2 and 3 Details along with Cluster name ,VIP IP Address ,VLAN , Password for root , admin , audit and IP Allocation DHCP or Static as per your customer design then Click NEXT

  • Configure settings on the vSAN Storage page.

  • Accept the default Failures to Tolerate of 1.

  • Verify that vSAN Deduplication and Compression is unselected and click NEXT

  • On the Host Selection page, select all three available hosts.

  • Verify that the hosts appear host list matches the screenshot.

  • Click NEXT

  • On the License page, click each drop-down menu and select the available license given as per are parameter sheet .

  • Review the virtual infrastructure domain, cluster, and vCenter Server names on the Object Names page and click NEXT and then Click FINISH


The deployment of the workload domain takes several hours to complete. It is critical that you compare the details on the Review page with the following screenshots to ensure that the deployment does not fail due to user input error.

Monitor the Recent Tasks pane until all tasks associated with creating the workload domain are successful

Once the workload deployment is complete u will see subtask msg as release resource locks successful.

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