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VCF 4.5 Precheck Is Failing on NSX-T Audit after the Upgrade

Updated: Jan 25, 2023

Today post about on the latest VCF 4.5 , we where upgrading the VCF 4.4 in MGMT domain the upgrade got completed , after every component upgrade the best practice is to run the precheck when we run the precheck got an NSX-T Audit error , which is generic and basically tells to check your connection between sddc to nsx-t , or password expired. We did check and troubleshoot also took some help to find out what was causing the issue and fixed. Lets dive into the issue and workaround.

When you expand the the NSX-T Audit Status it tell you below remediation

End Time

Jan 11, 2023, 5:16:11 PM

Health Status


Error Description

NSX-T Manager Audit for failed with unknown exception


High: Do not perform upgrade without addressing this issue unless the available upgrade is for NSX-T.


Audit check failed for NSX-T. Check if the SDDC Manager is able to communicate with NSX-T Manager. If not, login to NSX-T and check if upgrade is running and wait for the completion. Also please ensure that credential of type API for NSX-T manager is not expired.

Have gone through all the steps , check no password was expired on all three NSX-T Managers , communication between the NSXT and SDDC was good. We were able to login to the NSX-T GUI without any problems.

we run the below curl on all the three nsx-t nodes to check communication between sddc and nsxt , and it as good.

[ ~ ]# curl -k -u 'admin' -H 'Accept:application/json' -H 'Content-Type:application/json' -X GET

Enter host password for user 'admin':


"compute_managers_soft_limit" : 16


Now we checked the logs /var/log/vmware/vcf/lcm-debug.log

2023-01-12T19:19:56.436+0000 DEBUG [vcf_lcm,50ec64373cb1d6a1,decb,auditId=e088fc4b-9819-4971-9002-ccd596e3a53c,resourceType=NSX_T_MANAGER,,] [c.v.e.s.l.p.i.

n.NsxtInventoryLoader,Scheduled-9] Overall Upgrade Status SUCCESS

2023-01-12T19:19:56.436+0000 ERROR [vcf_lcm,50ec64373cb1d6a1,decb,auditId=e088fc4b-9819-4971-9002-ccd596e3a53c,resourceType=NSX_T_MANAGER,,] [

pl.nsxt.NsxtAuditImpl,Scheduled-9] Error auditing NSX-T Cluster with exception {}

com.vmware.evo.sddc.lcm.model.error.LcmException: Failed to load NSX-T Cluster from the Inventory

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.lcm.primitive.impl.nsxt.NsxtInventoryLoader.loadNsxtInventory(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.lcm.primitive.impl.nsxt.NsxtAuditImpl.doAudit(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.lcm.audit.NsxtAuditService.doAudit(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.lcm.audit.NsxtInventoryAuditScheduler.auditNsxtInventory(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.lcm.audit.NsxtInventoryAuditScheduler$$FastClassBySpringCGLIB$$2ae06d0f.invoke(<generated>)

at java.base/

Caused by: java.util.NoSuchElementException: No value present

at java.base/java.util.Optional.get(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.lcm.primitive.impl.nsxt.NsxtInventoryLoader.markUpgradeAvailability(

at com.vmware.evo.sddc.lcm.primitive.impl.nsxt.NsxtInventoryLoader.loadNsxtInventory(

2023-01-12T19:19:56.437+0000 INFO [vcf_lcm,50ec64373cb1d6a1,decb,auditId=e088fc4b-9819-4971-9002-ccd596e3a53c,resourceType=NSX_T_MANAGER,,] [c.v.e.s.lcm.audit.NsxtAuditService,Scheduled-9] NSX-T Audit returned FAILED for resource type NSX_T_MANAGER with name

After checking more in deep found out repeated error on the about Edge Node does not exist in the VCF inventory .

[vcf_lcm,d3cfaeb310f8bd07,d083,auditId=ae740b5a-36b0-45e7-9758-41c97036e40f,resourceType=NSX_T_MANAGER,,] [c.v.e.s.l.p.i.n.NsxtInventoryLoader,Scheduled-8] Transport Node xxxxxxxx is an Edge Node or does not exist in VCF inventory

We are seeing this across multiple hosts which is causing the failure to load NSXT Cluster Inventory.

From the logs narrow down the list of the nodes FQDN.

Checking Each host with the issues and compared them hostname with the SDDC DB entry .

Example : nsxvmwarelabvcf ->

The logs where reporting the nsx node name in short FQDN verse the full FQDN like showed int he above example.

Workaround :

  • Logged Into NSX-T UI -> System -> Fabric -> Edit the display names of all the FQDN(from shortname to full name).

  • Once the renaming is done , perform the rooling reboot of all the Three NSX-T Managers . once at a time for the local inventory sync.

  • After the rolling reboots , Run the Precheck and it was all Green.

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1 Comment

Muhamed Ashkar
Muhamed Ashkar
Jan 25, 2023

Article is really helpful. Didn't found this solution in VMware KB or other technical blog. Appreciate Viquar for the useful blog.

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