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Deploying AVN in VCF 5.0

Application Virtual Networks (AVNs) are logical software defined network topology for management applications.

The AVN is used to create and manage networks that are specific to applications running on the VMware Cloud Foundation platform. It allows for the provisioning and management of network services to support the deployment of applications in a consistent and automated manner.

Based on the NSX segment type selected SDDC Manager will automate the provision of the topology such as attaching ESXI hosts in a vSphere cluster to an overlay or VLAN backed NSX transport zone, preparing an NSX edge cluster for routing and edge services and creating NSX segment.

AVN Can be deploy into Two Types :

  • Overlay Backed NSX Segment

  • VLAN Backed NSX Segment

How to Configure AVN in VCF :

Step 1 : Login to your SDDC Manager -> MGMT Domain -> Action -> ADD AVNs

Step 2 : Based on your customer requirement and Design select the type of AVN

Step 3 : Add your Edge Cluster details here

Step 4:

Region-A :

Step 5 : X-Region :

Step 6 :

Step 7 : Review and click Finish

Once the AVN is configured , you can see the AVN ( Application Virtual Network details in the MGMT Summary page like shown below .

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